Since I’ve started my youtube channel, I typically get a lot of questions about what equipment I use and how can someone get started if they don’t have the money for a fancy camera and rig or video editing software. My answer is always, it doesn’t matter what equipment you use. If you don’t have a lot of money to get started, it’s more about how resourceful you can be and how well you structure your content. In this blog I’ll cover some tips on how to start a YouTube Channel on a low budget.

Content > Video Quality

There are very successful channels that just use their phone and film in their room. As long as you focus on providing content that engages with your audience, you can begin to grow a following. Still not sure what type of videos you should do? Here are a few of the most popular video genres on Youtube (in no particular order):

  1. Product Review Videos
  2. How-to Videos
  3. Vlogs
  4. Gaming Videos
  5. Comedy Videos
  6. Haul Videos
  7. Educational Videos
  8. Unboxing Videos
  9. Q&A Videos
  10. Beauty

3 Simple Tips When Filming A Youtube Video

There are three things I would suggest you focus on when filming a video

  1.  Follow the rule of thirds
    • Keep your shots simple and the subject centered and clearly visible
    • If you can find symmetry in your shot, it will make it more appealing to the user
  2. Lighting
    • Find your light
    • You don’t want harsh shadows or anything making it hard to focus on the subject
    • You don’t need expensive lighting equipment. Find a window with good lighting and test your shots there.
  3.  Audio
    • Audio is one of the main things that can get lost while filming
    • The whole video can be worthless if it’s hard to hear what you are saying
    • So it’s vital that you ensure you get good clear audio on all your videos

Starter Equipment For Filming Youtube

Now, let me cover some equipment you can use to get started. First thing I think you should keep in mind is to get equipment that you can handle first. It’s important that you can control your shots and manipulate the equipment easily to get your point across in the video. You don’t want to be using tools that you can’t control and end up with bad footage that you can’t use.
Here is some filming equipment I would recommend:

What Camera Should You Buy?

I film with a Sony A6500 (roughly $1100-1300). It isn’t a super high end camera, it’s somewhere in the middle. but it does have a lot features I can manipulate like 4k video recording, better low light pixel density, and it has the added benefit of being a fantastic photography camera. The camera you use for filming yourself on Youtube really depends on how much you’re interested in photography and film. Given that nowadays phones are very high quality and can get DSLR camera style videos done, you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on a higher grade camera when you’re starting your youtube channel. I’ve actually filmed some of my videos and some footage for clients with just my smartphone.

But if you’re interested in buying a camera. Here are two that I use:

Sony A7

Sony A6500

Why You Should Invest In A Microphone

  • I recommend getting a lavaleir mic ($35 +)
  • Usually inexpensive
  • But video will never work if people can’t understand what you are saying
  • Here is the difference in sound (play audio from camerea vs. mic)

Why You Need a Travel Tripod (Joby Gorillapod)

  • Inexpensive and easy to control
  • Really helps to have a stable and centered shot
  • Can be placed almost anywhere
  • Great for travel

Why You Need An External Hard Drive

Something else might want to consider purchasing is an external hard drive

  • Can keep all your video files together
  • Helps speed up workflow
  • Consider getting 1TB or more

LaCie Rugged 2TB USB-C Portable Hard Drive

WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive

Free Video Editing Software

  • I use Final Cut Pro but iMovie is sufficient when just starting out
  • Just use simple cuts and transitions
  • The benefits of Final Cut are the extensions you can purchase and some of the coloring and audio editing that you can manipulate to enhance what you filmed
  • But as long as you have the three basic filming techniques down, the amount of editing you will be doing would simply be on you and how much time you wish to spend on adding text, images, and transitions to your shots
  • And there are some websites online that let you download free video editing software
  • Here are Some Links

There you go guys! Hope this helps you get started on your YouTube journey. If you have any questions or suggestions make sure to leave them in the comment section below. Catch you next week!

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