Welcome to “3 Approaches To Grow On Instagram That Everyone Needs to Know | 2018. Today I will be showing you three important factors when approaching your campaign strategies that I feel everyone should know.


  1. Strategy
  2. Approach
  3. Method
  4. Tactics
  • This methodology is behind any successful campaign that can be categorized and used to clarify each objective to help you improve Instagram growth. The functionality behind your Instagram growth campaigns can be confusing without being properly informed to execute the best strategies that fit within your niche. You start with an overall Instagram growth strategy, this overall strategy will have multiple approaches.  Those approaches will have methods and tactics, which are the essential individual tasks in your campaign.


An approach to Instagram growth focused on using the Instagram algorithm to your benefit.

  • Methods include:
  1. Follow/Unfollow Bots
  2. Viral page shoutouts and reposts
  3. Fan account setup and automation

“Viral” or “Curator” Page

An Instagram profile that reposts popular photos & videos that are likely to show on the explore page. Typically focuses on a niche like comedy or fitness.


If you approached an agency, with the goal of growing your personal account, what an agency might look to do is, they might use a viral page that falls within your niche. These accounts vary in the number of engaged followers, sometimes up to a hundred thousand or more. They might post some of your content, for a fixed price, and offer you that exposure.


An approach to Instagram growth focused on creating highly engaging content and collaborating with other creators within the local community.


  • Collaborated videos and photos with creators in the same niche.
  • Team/Community accounts that repost their content.
  • The collective brain trust that provides constant feedback to improve content.



An approach on Instagram growth focused on establishing relationships with strategic people and brands.


  • DM/Email outreach
  • Joining DM groups
  • Attending creator events



  1. Focus on the engagement of your content, create content that people can engage with, do not cheat the system, Instagram does not work in favor of those that take the easy route. Instagram Growth is a process, using the best strategies that fit within your niche will help you develop great engaging content that reaches your targeted audience the best way possible.
  2. I’ve seen the internet change in my six years working as a professional in Digital Marketing. Beginning in an era focused entirely on SEO, showing up on top search results on Google. I have seen similar bots and hacks used in the same era of SEO being used today to hack Instagram growth. In the SEO era, those bots & hacks were eventually shut down, I believe that the same will happen to social media hacks. Instagram will eventually update their algorithm and shut down the bots.


Please know that Instagram wants to be the most used app on everyone’s phone. Essentially, Instagram is a platform for entertainment & valuable content. Instagram wants to have the best content being exposed because the engaging content is what draws traffic.  More traffic leads to more assets for Instagram, therefore the way that Instagram can ensure they have full control is by having an algorithm with regular updates to exposed the accounts using hacks, and bots.



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