A recent WSJ update hints that Instagram may be rolling out a feature to allow for video uploads of up to an hour. Which clearly would be a move to tap into Youtube’s market.

Could this spell the end of Youtube’s reign as social platform of choice for teens?

Right now Youtube is the king of the teenage market with a recent PEW study stating that close to 85% of teens said they use youtube with Instagram a close second at 72%. We’ve already seen Instagram take a bite and eventually eat up Snapchat’s market with the introduction of stories.

This new feature looks to take a chunk of Youtube’s teenage market. Teenagers have gone to youtube as their source of entertainment and popular creators on the platform have grown to celebrity status worldwide.

Instagram has no shortage of influencers itself, but many creators have stayed on Youtube for many reasons, one being it’s revenue sharing on the youtube partner program and another being that creators can upload videos longer than 1 minute and create pretty much a TV channel from home.

Instagram has a lot to gain by extending their video formats. Longer videos mean more ad opportunities. With Facebook declining in popularity, Facebook must be looking at Instagram as it’s chance to regain social supremacy and own the teenage market once again.

So how will this happen?.. Vertical Videos?

Rumor has it that it might focus on vertical videos instead of horizontal videos, which would open the door for a brand new media outlet for creators. It’s an interesting concept that has been brewing for a while now. Vertical video has become a new standard for social media users with the growth of Snapchat and subsequently Instagram Stories.

I personally believe this to be an extremely viable possibility. This is Instagram’s new unique value proposition which will offer the chance for creators to get a fresh start and chance to grow an audience.

With smartphones being the primary way that teenagers browse the internet, it only makes sense that content fits these screens and not tv or desktop screens.

Vertical video is coming and it’s going to force creators to adjust.

It’s going to be scramble for influencers to tap this new media outlet so it’s going to be interesting what type of content and video genre’s take over.

But until more information is shared, we’re only left to to wonder what Instagram has up their sleeves.

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