In 2017, there was a 327% increase in the search “influencer marketing” and over 50% of marketers had a dedicated budget just for influencer marketing. And Instagram is one of the largest social platforms to get involved in becoming an influencer. It’s a rising trend and now is the time to capitalize by implementing some instagram growth strategies.. So if you are looking to get started on growing a following and monetizing your influence, here are some Instagram growth strategy tips for beginners.

1. Choose A Niche

  • Pick what you are going to be posting about
  • Search for hashtags on Instagram and follow the hashtags to see what are the popular posts
  • Try to replicate and improve on the posts you see
  • If you have a personal profile that you want to keep then, you should create a business profile

2. Post Content Consistently

  • Choose a schedule and stick to it. Don’t miss a day!
  • Don’t post too often. Try not to post more than twice a day
  • you don’t wan’t become annoying or a nuisance on someones’s screen. No one wants to see the same person
  • I would suggest if you are just starting out, try to get one solid post per week.

3. Focus On Quality Over Quantity.

  • When you’re first starting out, the people that will likely follow you will be people you already know
  • You are much more likely to get engagement from

4. Use Relevant Hashtags

  • Hashtags a re great way to grow your profile especially with the recent updates to instrgram allowing you to follow hastags
  • After you’ve researched the hashtags on step 1. Make sure to always include a mix of them in your posts
  • Don’t use the same hashtags every-time. Instagram has devalued this recently and could potentially lead to “shadowban” where your posts won’t show to all your followers

5. Be An Active Member In Your Niche Community

  • I suggest daily you should look at 5-10  hashtags and any other profiles you follow that suit your niche and comment/like on their popular posts.
  • This will give you more opportunities to be shown to your target audience
  • Also, eventually it can lead to collaborations

6. Collaborate With Other Influencers

  • Collaborations are by far the best and fastest way to grow an organic following.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, you have to get involved in the nichec ommunity
  • Attending expositions or events are a great way to meet other influncers from the same niche
  • So put on your networking hat and start getting to know people
  • Once you collaborate always make sure to tag them on your posts and vice versa when they post
  • Shoutouts on posts and stories will get you much more exposure and will increase your following
So there you go guys. Those are some tips to help get you started. Test these strategies out with your profile and start gorwing your audience.


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