Welcome to “How To Get Started With Shopify Dropshiping | 2018”. Today I will be showing you how to start a drop shipping business.


Dropshipping is a business model in which you build a relationship with a manufacturer, and the manufacturer deals with creating, storing, and shipping products directly to the consumer. The service that you provide as a dropshipper is selling the product, and handling the front end customer relationship. Dropshipping has become a very popular business model, therefore sites like Shopify have already established an entire format that you can use by creating an account, and setting up certain apps.


Begin by deciding on a very specific hyper-niche, the way you can do that is by combining two very passionate audiences.  For example, if you wanted to target dog lovers and people that drink coffee. You could sell coffee mugs with dogs on them. Then you can hyper define that by segmenting by certain dog breeds or segmenting certain coffee-related products. By following this approach you are targeting an audience much more effectively.


The best way to conduct product research is by using Amazon’s masterful targeting system. Amazon is one of the worlds biggest sources for product research, you can use this information to specifically get to know your audience and also build a relationship with a manufacturer, by reading reviews, ratings, and statistics.  There are many sites on the web to discover manufacturers, I recommend a very easy to use a site called “Ali Express”. When you find a product you want to sell, you can search for a product title name within Ali Express, then you can see very similar manufacturers that make some of the products on Amazon. If you were to create an account on Shopify, there are apps you can install, one useful app is called “Oberlo”. Using this app you can add the product URL links from Ali Express, and add them directly to your store.



After you picked out your products, now it’s time to handle the marketing of your products. To begin marketing your product, make sure you have a proper title, product description, and images. You can also request from partnered manufacturers to send you a sample product to take your own branded photos. Branding through images will help you stand out amongst your competitors. Another important essential in marketing your products, you should always be focused on your customer relationship. How can you provide the best experience for your targeted customer? Make sure to spend time and effort by designing a great site, anything that looks spammy will detour any potential customers. Prepare an email campaign that sends an email directly after a customer makes a purchase, showing them that their product is on the way. You can also include in this email campaign a catalog of items that the customer might be interested in and showing them discounts on other items on your site. By investing time and effort in your product marketing, you will stand out amongst other drop shippers that didn’t invest the time as you did.


If you desire to start a dropshipping business, I recommend you learn how to source. Knowing how to source is a needed skill in this business. Knowing your hyper-targeted audience, drawing remarkable imagery and messaging to your brand will make it clearer for you to understand what direction your decisions will take you.


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