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I help people and businesses innovate digitally to make money online.

I’m Bryan Lozano

I help businesses innovate digitally to make money online. Central to my approach is the principle that the internet is more than a means of sharing great ideas; it’s a powerful tool for reinventing products, services, brands, and business processes, and most importantly, it’s the greatest way to engage and influence people.

I have provided digital marketing and business consulting services to all types of businesses from lawyers and doctors to e-retailers and social media influencers. In my career, I have led digital strategy initiatives for over 100 different brands spanning a wide range of industries. I have managed projects and shaped new ideas and better marketing approaches for brands like ThenXDel Toro Shoes,  Jungle IslandCondo.comAronfeld Trial LawyersSteiner Leisure, and many more.


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“The internet presents everyone with the opportunity to provide unique solutions to people all over the world. This is what drives me to continue to help startups and brands grow their presence online”

My Skills

I work with individuals, big & small companies, video producers, creators, publications, Blogs, and Apps. I pride myself in helping companies build their content strategy, drive SEO, and create an information architecture that enables ROI-driven decision making.
I work on both an hourly and a flat-fee basis. No matter your budget I can always find a solution for your needs. I’ve learned many things as a marketer and business owner and I’m happy to share in that knowledge and help wherever I can.
  • SEO
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • PPC
I’m a problem solver at heart. Regardless of how big or small your marketing needs are, I’ll always search for solutions to scale your business and create more revenue.

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