Case Study

The Challenge

Jungle Island is an interactive zoological park in Watson Island, Miami, Florida, United States. Jungle Island approached us looking to improve their online ticket sales. Prior to working with us, Jungle Island had experimented with affiliate programs and other third party advertising platforms with moderate success. Their goal was to double their online revenue while also diversifying their revenue stream by selling tickets in new markets.

The Solution

With a set budget in mind, we selected a few direct marketing channels to run targeted advertisements on the Google Search and Google Display network.  Combining promotional offers and catchy ad copy we managed to increase online ticket sales by increase online ticket purchases by over 400% in the first three months.


Increase in Online Ticket Sales

Marketing Campaigns

Campaign Length (in months)

Amazing Result

Targeted Ads on Google Boosted Sales By 400%

Google Search

We effectively lowered CPC and improved the CPA month to month on our money keywords. Originally working with a large keyword set, we have optimized the ad groups and keywords to a suitable collection of phrases that all produce a positive ROI.

Google Display Network

Using unique artwork for every month’s new campaign, we kept users interested and Jungle Island top of mind whenever visiting Miami travel, leisure, news, and discount sites.


Making sure we tracked all visitors of the site and how many were converting, we have our display ads targeted to individuals who abandoned carts and have produced an additional 10% of ticket sales by bringing back reluctant customers to the site.

  • Online Ticket Sales 400%
  • Website Traffic 30%
  • Conversion Rate 76%
  • Page Views 30%

The Results Were Amazing

Jungle Island continues to grow. With a dependable revenue stream, they have been able to make major improvements to the park, evidenced by 2014’s grand unveiling of Jungle Island’s Aqua Park.

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