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Bryan Lozano Digital Marketing Strategist

I am a digital marketing strategist who helps businesses innovate digitally to solve their biggest challenges.

I have performed digital marketing and business consulting services to enterprise and consumer customers. During my time in a Miami Digital Marketing Firm, I led digital strategy initiatives for over 100 different brands spanning a wide range of industries. In my career I have championed the role of digital marketing strategist in shaping new ideas and better marketing approaches for brands like Jungle Island, Condo.com, Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, Steiner Leisure, Midtown Miami, and many more.

Throughout my 3-year tenure with Socialated, I built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and building out operational efficiency programs. I also helped develop and manage a profitable business model for value-based digital marketing services that were Socialated’s core revenue source; my pricing models have helped incubate new products & services into mature revenue-generating engines. My ideas for digital marketing services helped grow Socialated’s book of business, so much so that it caught the eye of another local creative firm (Virsocom Inc.). In February 2014, I along with the Socialated staff were successfully acquired by Virsocom Inc. to continue their push in the small to medium size business market, while now having the capacity to work in the high-end luxury market.

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, I consistently ranked among the top 5% of Socialated/Virsocom employees. My strong leadership qualities earned me the role of Vice President for the Socialated brand while simultaneously operating as the Digital Marketing Director for Virsocom Inc.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Florida International University. I am a former High School athlete winning a division title with my varsity Football team during my Junior year and earning the MVP trophy in my Senior year.